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Five reasons to thank God

A median percentile of forty-five of people say it is necessary to belief in God to be moral.

The survey was collected from thirty-four countries. Would we able to create our own morals? The morals drawn out by man will be finally based on his own emotions and


To understand who God is, we must understand appreciating the goodies that are showered to man. To appreciate God, we must first identify the blessings He has given us to be able to thank Him in a consistent manner.

Orientation of monotheism prior to creation

This is the best reason to thank God. He has given each of us an orientation on monotheism.

This was before we were created. Yes, before you were born, you’ve been given to take an oath or pledge before the Lord.

The reference is in the message at 7.172

We were all souls when our Lord asked us to bear witness that He is our Lord.

Most people in this world believe in God. This is due to the incident that took place as mentioned in the message at 7.172.

God factor is in every human being. But there is one problem. Our belief is mostly adulterated with an intermediary. This is contrary to the theory of monotheism.

And most of them will not believe in God except whilst setting up partners. 12.106

In pre-Islamic era, there is pagan worship and idolatry. In the current era people have

intermediary like teachers, scholars, place of worship, and Prophets. We must

avoid all these intermediaries and only celebrate the Praise of God.

56.96 You shall glorify the name of your Lord, the Great.

Intermediary is a weakness to many as this is a target for malicious attacks by those who want to create chaos in this world. We see it every day on the news about some

‘smart’ guys provoke your emotions by saying some bad remarks on our Prophet.

Unwanted emotions are showered upon this intermediary. This is contrary to the Islamic principle of monotheism. We shall glorify only the name of our Lord, the Great.

Noble ancestry

You have a noble descend. Respected by the angels.

When God created Adam, He breathed His Spirit and instructed the angels to prostrate to Adam He also gave a special title to Adam.

The angels all prostrated down except Iblis. The story of man began from here. Iblis was driven away from the noble Abode!

This incident meant a lot to us. Man is the progeny of Adam! We have noble ancestry! Wow!

Every one of us is equal.

It prevents jealousy, hatred, and competition. We see everyone at eye level and isn’t that a great feeling? Is this not enough for you NOT to further procrastinate thankfulness towards God? Do not waste anymore of your time. Change your mindset and start thanking God for your noble descend.

Man created division amongst us. White and black, rich, and poor, tall, and short

and so on. You should be happy that you’re having a noble ancestry. Don’t you?

This feeling of total equality will remove many of our inabilities.

Your mind only believes what it sees. God is supporting our creation. The Lord puts us above the angels. If you still do not thank Him for that then what is your relationship towards Him? Do you gauge the unconditional support that God has given you? Think for a moment.

Pour out your emotions to it. And ask God to give you the blessing that you will be grateful to Him for this noble ancestry.

Surely, the human being is unappreciative to his Lord. 100.6

Do the opposite right now. Show that you are appreciative towards God. He preferred you to be in this world and experience life. God loves you!

God Certifies those who follow the message

We spent one quarter of our lives getting a college degree. We spent a major portion of our wakeful lives just to get a good name from an employer.

God is unlike a human. He certifies you as a ‘righteous’ if you begin to study and follow the Message of God!

Reference at 2.2

On top of this God adds more goodies for you if you follow Guidance.

He protects you from grief, fear, suffering and going astray.

Whoever follows My guidance, he will not go astray nor suffer 20.123

Promise of Heaven

Our lives are about accommodation. When our father Adam was created, God showed him his accommodation: paradise.

In 7.19 God told Adam to live in the garden (with his wife) and eat whatever he wishes except from one tree.

And when Adam and his wife ate the fruit of the forbidden tree, they were given earth as accommodation for a time.

And when we follow the guidance of God, we will be given heaven for our good deeds. This is our last eternal accommodation.

Read this all over again to thank God daily!

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