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Why digital painting is considered a real art -printpainting

Is digital painting considered a real art? Yes! But for an explanation we need to define what is art.

Art is an expression of a human creation likely in a visual form using skills through a medium to share it with others. The visual form can be painting or sculpture and the skills are through his innate ability to create with whatever medium or tools available to the artist.

Primarily , the purpose of an artist to share with others comes from his desire for others to appreciate his works, to understand his emotion upon the subject and also to inform as an information. Perhaps, to manage the subject under his pencil.

We find arts in prehistoric times to date. The reason is the emotion sector of the human behavior keeps poking someone to be an artist. Provided he has the aptitude. Otherwise, he goes to a path which can be deviant to the codes of society.

There is such thing as art therapy. And if one is worked up its best to visit an art gallery to calm down.

Arts are borrowed knowledge

Knowledge comes from nature. A straight line is drawn between stars in the sky and shapes are discovered. A pine tree or mountains represent a shape of a triangle. Moon represents a shape of a circle. Do ten fingers represent numbers? The torso of a bird floating on a river ticks the mind to create a boat?

Therefore, all human creation is copied from his surroundings! For a purpose. And some copied from imagination. If agreed, whether an artist paints from still life, or digital life it is still considered copied, but it is still considered art!

Therefore, the inspiration to produce arts comes from either nature or imagination. The effect is still the same.

Does digital painting spikes emotion

All arts has to drive up our emotion. Whether its drawn on canvas or print painting on 236 gsm matt paper!

The immense awe that comes to mind when observing the painting of "Mona Lisa" is an excellent example of how Arts can boost up our senses. Is she thinking about something or is she going to smile upon a thought? However, if the same "Mona Lisa" is exactly represented in digital art, would the emotion subsides?

The painting of Mona Lisa is priceless as the majority view upon this art as the greatest treasure of the Renaissance Art! The observers infer many interpretations of this great portrait because Leonardo da Vinci portrayed the portrait magnificently.

"Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art"

Digital painting has something to say

An artist who uses digital platform has to understand how it works. By that it has to say some good news to the artist.

The mechanism of the system has something to give to aspiring artist who needs a break from messy paints, not so easy to delete mistakes, a storage or a room to keep his tools, mixing colors in order to save his time and resources , and many more!

But, the artist has to participate with intense and passion, and should not hurry to finish the painting. If that happens then it is no fault of the digital medium, rather the lethargy of the artist himself. Remember that art is never finished, only abandoned!

Being willing is not enough, we must do

Digital painting gives you variety

When an artist paints a lion portrait in digital medium, and then shares the result in social media it is likely to be quickly copied. Digital paint gives variety or option to twig it differently.

A lion is painted but with added colors it looks different and itself an art.

If it works big, others quickly copy it. Then you do something else. The trick is the doing something else.

Digital painting allows what you can do

An artist who has excellent drawing skills does not necessarily be considered as an artist. The tricky part is how he add colors and paint up the lines that he has drawn.

Many artist who fails to draw a correct linear perspective will lose out as a result though they are good in painting. We know from classical painters that depth gives the painting to achieve a natural view. Traditional painters took much time and had to strive hard for this built up. However, digital painting resolves this anomaly quickly and enable the artist to focus on the painting itself. In this manner, the freed time is actually an advantage to the viewer or customer.

Whether its conventional painting or digital painting, the artist has to work very hard to achieve for the objective. Digital painting has made a work manageable, but the artist still has to manage most of the many magical strokes!


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