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Updated: Jan 14, 2022

The success of the greatest painter is about quickening the first three steps. All aspiring painters who want to become the greatest painters must read this quickly. Memorize the steps. Begin today.

Draw a simple plan

The third step is the most significant. Draw a fish's head in two dimensions using a pen. The equatorial triangle head (which looks like an arrowhead) is pointing to the left. From the middle of the triangle directly opposite the arrowhead, draw a line to a certain length and stop there. Make another arrow at this point.

What we see now is a triangle-line-triangle. It should be titled: I want to become the greatest painter.

Head triangle

Fill in the niche in the head triangle. In the area near the arrowhead, draw a small circle. It represents the eye of the fish. Write out the niche inside the circle. In other words, the drawing must accommodate writing. This can be done on A3 paper or with the digital tab.

Drawing headlines are too generic. We need to be specific. You can paint digitally, on porcelain, canvas, paper, on the wall, and so on. From there, we can further subdivide this niche into sub-niches, such as digital painting about flowers.


Just above the line, write "strength.". Draw two 45-degree lines above and below, all coming from the strength line. Answer the following question at the top of each line: "What strength would I render to reach my niche?" Consider the following answer: 'go to a garden to see different kinds of flowers' Write out the other answer in the comments section.

After the two shorter lines are written, we do two things. We either follow what is written or we read it three times each day. As the process progresses, the main line will resemble a fish bone.

Tail triangle

The head and fish bone look great. Without speed, we lose direction. The tail is the driving force. Write here about things that will speed up your niche or sub-niche. Here we will focus on training, seminars, meetings with talented artists, connections with prominent artists via social media, and so on.

Draw a perpendicular line from the arrowhead to the other side of the triangle for simplicity. Subdivide each triangle accordingly. We now have four sector triangles. List the four forces in each triangle.

The plan should be filed.

'I didn't know it was so easy!'. But we often forget it would have been much easier if we had quickened our first 3 steps

Follow the plan

On the next day, we need to take out this plan and go through it all together. The process will train the mind to follow a plan. It is a new path. The arrow points in a new direction.

During the first seven weeks of pregnancy, the brain is geared toward failure. The default is further influenced by our environment and how we were taught to deal with problems. We must rewire it. It follows a particular pattern. That is how the brain is conditioned. The brain needs to be retrained. By following our plan, we create new patterns.

We follow the plan. It is not an instruction manual. However, it provides a simple path for readers to follow. It is our choice. However, we should not have a choice from now on. All we must do is read and follow.


When I was a child, I enjoyed playing snake and ladder. A certain square leads to the first step. Therefore, we shouldn't be paranoid if we haven't reached our destination yet. We know how to find the treasure and no one else does.

Upon reaching our destination, we can say 'I didn't know it was so easy!'. We often forget how much easier it would have been if we had sped up our first three steps.

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