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How the mechanism of a beautiful mind of God plays a significant role in the life of a man?

To study the mechanism of a beautiful mind of God is interesting.

The life of a man starts with Adam the first man. We are his descendants. Ever busy with this life and forget God and His message. Man has neglected the purpose of his life. The world has attracted and entrapped him.

Data shows that we do not bother in the least. Watch this video illustration:

Google search results for the following words or phrases against some popular search words for money, work, life:

As a result, the search for words like 'God, 'Allah', 'heaven', and 'paradise' showing a wafer-thin substrate and flatliners for phrase like 'day of judgment' and the word 'greed'. Words like 'business' and 'food' show thicker substrates.

In other words, the preoccupation of man (includes woman) is only this world! As a result, God had made obligatory on Him to be compassionate.

God made obligatory on Him to be compassionate

The two names God uses to describe Him are Ar-Rahman and Ar-Rahim. And he places Ar-Rahman before Ar-Rahim. Every surah in the Quran starts with these two words: Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim.

The root word for Ar-Rahman or Ar-Rahim is the same - which is mercy or compassion.


Your Lord is God who has created the heavens and the earth in six days, then He settled upon the Throne.


We did not send down to you the Qur'an so you may suffer.

It is but a reminder for he who is concerned.

Sent down from the One who has created the earth and the heavens above.

The Most Gracious, upon the Throne He settled.

God has created the heavens and earth in six days and settled on His Throne with the name Ar-Rahman. It means He rules over His creation with compassion. He is Gracious, Accommodating, Kind etc.

Nothing can influence His Compassion. No one can command anything from the compassion of God. No one can prevent anything from God.

This is the reason people who are evil or bad did not get the punishment of God immediately. God forewarns them and in 16.61. It must go through the framework of His Compassion.

And if God were to call the people to account for their transgression, He would not have left on it a single creature. But He delays them to a determined time; so when their time comes, they do not delay by one hour and they do not advance.

The difference between human governance and God governance is vastly different. The former is a taker, and the latter is a Giver! God is free from any need from anyone. The framework of Ar-Rahman is suitable for creation as it has no will power.

17.100 Say: If you control the treasures of the mercy of my Lord, then you would withhold (them) from fear of spending, and man is stingy.


And We had made a pledge to Adam from before, but he forgot, and We did not find in him the will power.

As a result, God wants to operate within the scheme of Compassion. Ar-Rahman - most compassionate as this will ensure the survival of mankind.

A beautiful mind of God is fascinating!

God took an awareness oath from mankind

It is very impressive to study the mechanism of a beautiful mind of God from the way He handled human creation. Do you know that God took an awareness pledge from us to condition about monotheism from the descendants of Adam? This is the scene from pre-creation!


And your Lord took from the children of Adam from their backs, their progeny; and He made them witness over themselves: "Am I not your Lord?" They said" "Yes, we bear witness." Thus you cannot say on the Day of Resurrection that you were unaware of this.

Therefore, the wafer-thin substrate for words ‘God’, ‘Allah’, ‘heaven’ etc shown in google trends could be attributed to our innate awareness to the One God concept which was imprinted when we took an oath from God in 7.172 -174

God has already made us aware of the concept of Oneness even before creating us, and that concept still resonates within us.

All the prophets of God were monotheist. And this setting up partners is sensitive to God because it directly contradicts his noble essence. For He is One!

Despite the pledge, we find most of us having an intermediary in the concept of God.

The meaning of Ar-Rahman

Do you know that the word " رَّحْمَ" Rahma means womb?

How the womb is a crucial part of a fetal development, our relationship with God in this world is central for the next eternal promised life. How a womb prepares the fetus for the outside world, we need God to enable us for the next world.

The fetus position in the womb resembles patience and conforming to the environment of the womb and thereby getting its nourishment accordingly. Likewise, we must be patient with God for whatever we face in this world, complying with His message. As a result, the outcome is forgiveness and easy entry to heaven in the next life.

16.127 So be patient. Your patience is solely from God.

16.128 God is with those who are righteous and those who are virtuous.

We do not have to overthink in this life. God has ordained all goodness for us. Whatever happens is based on our own erroneous internalization and that is when the good is seen as bad and bad is seen as good. God embraces us as how a womb comforts the fetus growth to prepare it for the outside world.

This is another way to investigate the mechanism of a beautiful mind of God at work.

Angels are the extension from the beautiful mind of God

Whatever God decision comes through His beautiful name Ar-Rahman - The Most Compassionate.

He creates angels to care take man. God has given each person angels to keep guarding him.


For each (such person) there are (angels) in succession, before and behind him: They guard him by command of God.

There are recording angels for each person.


Honest recorders.

Water is the source of all life. An essential element in the food supply chain. And God had special angels to bring wind and rain.


By those (angels) who drive the clouds in a good way.

There are angels who supplicate to God for our forgiveness and entry to heaven.


"Our Lord, You encompass all things with mercy and knowledge, so forgive those who repented and followed Your path and spare them the agony of Hell."

" Our Lord, and admit them into gardens of delight which You had promised for them and for those who did good of their fathers, their spouses, and their progeny. You are the Noble the Wise."

Angels putting men to death.


So that when the time of death comes to one of you, Our messengers terminate his life and they fdo not neglect any.

Angels to witness our prayer or salah.


Quran at dawn is witnessed.

They also assist as messengers.


God chooses messengers from among the angels, and from among the people.

Angels descend in the night of power.


In it descend the angels and the Spirit, by the leave of their Lord with every command.

God out of His mercy and compassion use angels as tools to assist in our life on earth.

A beautiful mind of God is refreshing!

Prophets are the extension of a beautiful mind of God

A beautiful mind of God is captivating!

God through His Compassionate character brought many messengers to different communities. And the last messenger is Prophet Muhammad who is the sequel and final messenger to the earlier messages.


Every community has a messenger.

However, Prophet Muhammad being a glowing light was given the same religion as God gave to the previous Prophets and that he should uphold the religion and NOT be divided therein.


He prescribed for you [Muhammad] the same religion He enjoined Noah, and what We inspired to you, and what We enjoined upon Abraham, and Moses, and Jesus: " uphold the religion, and be not divided therein."

Sadly, after Prophet, this division happened, and its domino effect has not stopped. There are many divisions emanated after the Prophet and the quantity of spread of faith bashed its own quality. This is because of the 'nafs' or self of man plays a deviant role.

[You may wish to read a brief note on the matter of nafs here]


Have you considered him who has taken his desire for his god?

The only way to get Islam on its feet again is follow the Message of God directly. God is so Kind to give us life to experience and promised a highly abode in the next life. But we are so unkind and unsupportive of His objective. The loss is only to mankind.

A beautiful mind of God

It is interesting to understand the beautiful mind of God. Though God has many beautiful names, the one and only name Ar-Rahman or the Most Compassionate is His main character. With which God operates the creation especially mankind with utmost care. To nurture him and prepare him for the next promised eternal life. This is subject to man readiness and his conformity to the message, Quran.

The Religion of Islam has come so far that the message in the Quran is a synopsis of the previous messages given to the other great prophets. If we read the Quran and follow its directions, we will reach our final promised abode with ease.


Whoever follows My guidance - they have nothing to fear, nor shall they grieve.


Surely those who believe; and those who are Jewish, and the Nazarenes, and the Sabians, whoever of them believes in God and the Last Day and does good works; they will have their recompense with their Lord, and there is no fear upon them, nor will they grieve.

The beautiful mind of God is comforting!

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